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Different Types of Moving Estimates and What You Should Know About Them?

It is necessary to know the types of estimates because they affect the budget of your moving. To avoid the night mare experience always ask your moving company to provide you a proper and final moving quotation. Basically there are three types of estimates divided upon their nature.

Non-binding estimate

The moving company provides you the estimate of your goods, although it is not the final price. They make best estimated moving quotation that is the closest one to the moving prices where as it is not confirmed. Everything is weighed on the moving day and the moving company provides you the quotation by adjusting the price according to the shipment.

  • The biggest demerit is that this price can increase during the move and you will have to face budget issues. Unexpectedly, it may decrease as well where as it depends on the weight.
  • It becomes one of the huge market scams present now days in the moving market because the moving company can increase the charges as they want and the costumer bounds to pay that.
  • The inherent fair nature of this moving quotation provides the estimate free of charge and can be given on phone. Therefore it is the most commonly used estimate in the moving market.
  • With the help of non-binding quotation one can easily estimate the moving budget by leaving some extra margin for the variation of charges.
  • It is convenient for the people who are moving on short notice or need the estimate on phone. The people with lighter goods and light shipments have the decreased moving cost.

Binding estimates:

This is the most certain estimate. The moving quotation is provided according to the exact weight of the goods. Moving quotation is concrete and cannot change in any condition after it is confirmed for the shipment.

  • It is very reasonable for the people who are moving with huge accessories because the estimated moving quotation never changes. It remains constant even if the weight is increased at the time of shipment. That means the costumer do not have to pay extra charges at the time of move.
  • It helps you to manage your exact moving budget. At the time of estimation you know exactly how much you require paying to the moving company at the end of the shipment. There are many other costs present while moving and with the variation of budget you might be stuck for some important things. The binding estimate reduces the chances of uncertain issues.
  • It gives you the chance to prepare yourself for all the charges of moving and by the end you have enough amount in your pocket to tackle all the moving costs.
  • Although it is a benefit that you do not need to pay for extra weight whereas if the weight decreases in any case you have to pay for it because the rule is applied in both situations. If you have not estimated exact weight of your goods and kept some extra to avoid the payment uncertainties, you still have to pay the price on which you agreed at the time of moving quotation.

Binding not to exceed

This estimate never increases then the estimated cost where as if the weight is less at the time of shipment the moving cost is reduced. It is the most obvious system through which no as such chances of issues present.

  • You get the relaxation from you budget side that it will not exceed in any case where as can save some money of yours.
  • With it you get the flexibility of move and budget and you already know that it will never exceed than the moving quotation so you become able to spend on extra things.

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