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What Your Moving Quote is Based on?

Most important factor that’ll affect your moving estimate. Try to reduce the amount of things you need to take with you and get rid of unnecessary items.

How far you are moving can also affect the cost. Fuel charges and Tolls can quickly add up with longer distances.

Additional services like Packing & Storage can also increase your rate. To save cost, try to disassemble your furniture and pack your boxes yourself, before the movers arrive.

Season affects the pricing as well. Summertime is busy and hence can be more expensive. Try to schedule your move outside of April to July

Getting moving quotes can be trickier than it sounds. Now that you’ve decided to relocate, your next step is to figure out whether you are going to hire a moving company to do it all or just move yourself. Moving yourself always seem like the cheaper option but when you factor in fuel charges these days and how much time you will need to invest in, the costs begin adding up.

Moving companies can offer a way out. You already have a lot of things to focus on like your new house, getting your kids ready for the move, stress of joining the new job. Leave the moving to us.


1. Pack Your Own Belongings

  • Packing your items yourself and having them ready for the movers can save you time and money. It’ll not only reduce the time it’ll take for your move, which can def. increase cost, especially in local moves, but you can also take extra care in wrapping your most valuable possessions properly. Also, movers will charge extra for packing services.

2. Disassemble Your Furniture

  • Have you furniture disassembled and ready to be loaded when the movers arrive. Put srews and nuts in a Ziploc bag and tape them to the headboard or something so its easy to find later. Movers will charge extra for this service.

3. Use DIY Packing Supplies

  • Instead of buying new moving boxes and wrapping/bubble paper, use boxes that you might have at home. Go to local grocery stores and ask them for boxes. They always have boxes that they throw out. Use old newspapers to wrap items and as padding in the boxes.

4. Discard unwanted items

  • We all have the tendency to hoard stuff in our house over the years. Sort thru everything weeks before your move and select the items you really want to take with you. There’s no point in increasing the weight of your move but taking items that you never use or are broken. Lower shipment weight will mean lower moving quote.

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