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Tips To Reduced Moving Costs

Has the time come for one of life’s biggest changes? Nearly everyone hates the process of moving. It’s time consuming, mentally and physically stressful, and can turn into a dreadful experience if blindly attempted and poorly planned, as moving costs can surprise you if time isn’t taken to properly prepare.

It does not, however, have to be this way if you take into account a few things. Here are a few tips to help reduce moving expenses and to keep you from pulling you hair out as you hope to move on to a new beginning and more prosperous future!

  1. Plan your move well ahead of time, preferably months, and set a date. Sure, the unexpected seems to pop up at the worst times, but do what you can to have an itinerary for the week of your move ready before you begin the actual process.

  2. If you are using a moving service, schedule well ahead of time. This will not only give you solidity in your plans and help give direction to your planning, but you may also be able to hunt for “early bird” discounts. Also, if you can be a little bit flexible on your exact moving date some places will offer a discount.

  3. Set a budget. To be successful at anything, you have to know your limitations. Know what is realistic and what to expect well in advance to your moving date.

  4. Get your new place ready before leaving the old one. Have any repairs completed that you can before moving in. Also, have the utilities ready. One more thing that will make your move more seamless and eliminate some stress.

  5. Have your transportation ready. Reliable friends often are suddenly not so reliable when a request to help you move comes up. This is a good reason to seriously look into using a moving service if you can afford it and/or are moving a significant distance, but if you are relying on people around you be sure of the commitments ahead of time.

  6. Downsize. We all have an incredible amount of stuff we don’t need. What better time to discard of the useless items sitting around. A garage sale is a great way to pay for part of your move, and you’re lowering your cost just by not taking as much with you. Now you can move into a new space and not be immediately cluttered.

  7. Get packed! Even if you are using a moving company, I would highly recommend packing your own things. Not only will you reduce the cost of your move, but you will also know your things are being packed with the necessary care, and you will have a much better idea of where everything is when you go to unpack. Try to stock up on boxes early on. Many stores give them away for free. If you don’t mind asking around, free boxes are often easy to come by.

  8. Manage your time and stress. Some moves are more eventful than others, but the make-or-break point of a successful move is taking the time to breathe and keep your mind and body healthy. Know that, when the day comes, you have taken the necessary steps to do all you could to create as smooth of a transition from point A to point b as possible and go with the flow. Enjoy the process and I hope these tips will help!

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